Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fall 2008, Nature Collage

This collage was created from photographs I took in Langley, BC. It was done for the Advanced Digital Media course. If you look closely at the bottom left hand corner you can see a charcoal drawing of my face. It's 20"x42"

contemporary Gauguin

Painting based on Gauguin's Where do we come fromI did this in the 2008 fall semester. Gauguin's painting was utopian, wishing to go back to paradise. My painting is a contemporary comment on consumerism giving a false sense of well-being while the reality is we are trashing the earth. The family is a shallow image, much like catalogue persons who have no depth. Their god is the idol of low prices.

my nephew Braydon

a painting I did Fall 2008 of my great-nephew, Brayden

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New love - Oil

I started this blog with the idea to share videos but I have a new love - oil painting! So I will be also posting my paintings from class. Please feel free to comment and give feedback, tips or challenges but be nice about it.
I saw this video on YouTube about glazing.

Shawn Barber Glazing Techniques to link to the video.