Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home Reno Blues

One more task to finish the kitchen renos which started last year with a burst pipe, water everywhere. Putting in a tiled back splash to protect the new counter top. I've never done it before so fear is playing a part in my procrastination. But I need to get it done so I can get back to using Harry's technique again with a fresh canvas and a little more wisdom. It was hard to ignore the portrait underneath especially when the charcoal kept falling off.

And I have two more paintings that are waiting for more work (sources - carcinoid tumour slides). I bought myself some cool safety glasses to use when i heat gun the cold wax paint.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well it seems my persistence has paid off. I looked at my Admissions record and it now says I'm officially inside the gates as a BFA student. Considering I have most of my upper level courses it's about time. The next step is to make an academic plan that will prepare me to apply for a MFA. I will need to have a really good portfolio since I'm coming from a brand new program. This gives me incentive to practice, work, explore, take risks. Yahoo!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tried Harry's technique

Well Harry you have even more of my respect than before. This was an extremely difficult technique to do. It may have been complicated by using a previously painted canvas. The charcoal wasn't grabbing the surface. I understand fully that a light touch is needed. It took me a bit trial and error to get the right brush. What seemed a soft enough brush turned out to be way too stiff.

It didn't help to have Admissions call me in the middle of painting wanting to talk about transfer credits. While I listened to the Admissions officer I did my best to keep painting before everything dried.

In spite of the difficulties it was a good exercise and I plan to do it again but with a fresh canvas, gesso with a sponge roller to give more tooth for the charcoal, choose my brushes before I start LOL.

I was in a rush to try it but sometimes it's a way to get started- show no fear.
Funny I can see where and how I lost depth around the neck. Hmm I wish I could recognize these things earlier. Anyway below are the results.

reference photo, charcoal over painted, oil over charcoal

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When a child ...

"When a child was a child it walked with its arms swinging"  Wings of Desire, film by Wim Wenders, 1987 My favorite film.

Two stills from the opening sequence:

You can watch the complete film on youtube with English subtitles. 

The film has many story levels which makes it most interesting and the film is very beautiful.
It is black and white through the angel eyes and in colour through human eyes

Monday, July 5, 2010

Wondering if

I am so inspired by the many artists I meet through this strange doorway into the world. I'm also feeling like a small child who admires all the older children who can do so much more than me and so much better. And wonder will I ever grow up. Beautiful paintings. Interestingly curious paintings. Soft comforting paintings and disturbingly beautiful paintings. I feel insignificant but I am a tenacious person with many years of practicing tenacity so I will keep painting.

I distract myself with domestic chores where I feel competent. I love an ordered house where I can find what I want quickly. I hate having to look for something longer than the time it takes to use it. My mind feels less cluttered and I can think leisurely or deliberately. I'm almost there and it feels good. My environment has suffered as I recovered from various medical challenges and my ability to get things done is a sign I am healthy and physically capable again. I am excited that I will have more energy to create and become more skillful at making art. I will find my voice. I am determined. Thank you all for sharing your work and yourselves.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hmmm spam

Oh my goodness. My last post sounds harsh and unfriendly. It was in response to someone leaving a link and description of services. I removed it before I thought of contacting the person and ask not to leave ads. I wanted to be simple, clear and to the point but... I didn't expect spam but then I started to look at the forum and it's not uncommon. I now understand why some blogs monitor comments before publishing.
Sorry everyone.  

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Still playing with glazes

Still working through my paintings from previous semesters. These ones were a series from Spring 2010 in Narrative Painting. I prepared the canvases by collaging brown craft paper on the surface. I wanted the surface to have texture and the brown to affect the paint. I used photos as references from my trip to Girona Spain. I've been experimenting with glazes to give subtle changes to the values. I used a cadmium yellow glaze and burnt sienna on top. I'm waiting a few days to see if I want to add more layers. The photos are a bit skewed from the way I propped them against a chair.