Saturday, November 30, 2013

International Mail Art Exhibit at the RAG

Memory: International Mail Art 2013, Richmond Art Gallery

 We went to the Memory Exhibit opening at the Richmond Art Gallery . We met up with Charis Au who also had a piece, "Anonymous" in the show. Larry kinda looks like the fellow in his painting (the fellow with the striped top hat). There was an overflow of paintings which were put into albums. Two of mine were in the album while the "Wish You Were Here" mixed media was on the wall. Larry's was right at the front by the entrance.
Elizabeth& Larry Anderson at Memory: International Mail Art Exhibit

Larry standing beside his piece "America the Great"

"Wish You Were Here" mixed media

Charis Au


Friday, November 29, 2013

Art with Wrinkles: Meet An Angel Fish Couple

 My husband loves to makes small paintings and write poems about the animal/fish. He researches how it lives in its natural habitat then uses the information in the poem. Sometimes it is pretty funny.

Art with Wrinkles: Meet An Angel Fish Couple: An Angel Fish Couple The Male “Going out looking for a meal, Doesn’t make me into a heal. I’m ready this moment to make a lung...

Friday, November 22, 2013

Anonymous Art Show Opening

 I wasn't able to make the opening but it looks like it was a great success!

Twitter: "We sold already over 50 paintings in the 1st hour! So to be here,360 artists and 738 !

photo from North Van Arts Council Tweet

Thursday, November 14, 2013

RAG International Mail Art Exhibit

Opening reception this weekend at RAG

Saturday, November 16, 3-5pm 

Exhibit runs Nov 17 - Jan 12, 2014.

"Memory: International Mail Art"


VERB WOMAN the wall is in my head/a dance of forgetting

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cody Lecoy at Latimer Gallery Charity Event

Every year, selected Northwest Coast Native artists donate their time, materials and creative efforts for Lattimer Gallery’s Annual Charity Bentwood Box silent auction. A friend and young upcoming artist, Cody Lecoy is participating this year. 
Drop in at the Lattimer Gallery between November 23 and December 7th and see the exhibit if you're in the Vancouver BC area.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Anonymous Show North Vancouver Art Council

Every year the North Vancouver Art Council have a fundraiser exhibit called the Anonymous Show. Local artists are invited to make an unsigned painting on a 8"x8" canvas. The only way someone can find out who painted it is by buying it. Only then will they find the artist and title on the back of the canvas. Hence the name "The Anonymous Show" (link to past show). All paintings are $100 and there is a 50/50 split between artist and Arts Council.

This is my second time participating in the event. Last year I was overly ambitious and submitted three paintings.  This year I did one, a painting called "Out of the Blue" which was influenced by my exploration into art journaling. Unfortunately I forgot to document it so I don't have any images. I'll take a few at the exhibit.

I've been using art journaling to explore ideas, try out new techniques but mostly to encourage a regular routine in the studio. I find that I can sit for one to two hours using the exercises in Eric Scott and David Modler's "Journal fodder 365". The time goes by quickly and I have visual results of my efforts.

On the right is a sketch I used to explore ideas for the Anonymous Show. Although it is not exactly what the final product looks like it has all the elements.The sketch was done with felt pens on paper and the painting is acrylic on canvas titled "Out of the Blue".

It's a fun way to establish a disciplined work schedule. It's particularly useful when not working on larger pieces.

Do you have any tips for establishing regular work routines? I'd love to hear about them.