Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CV on the blog

My web site is in development. Until then, I have added a link to my CV on Elizabeth's CV  Page which can be found at the top of this page. You can find the link above the posts. My CV can be seen in full window. Much easier to navigate than the PDF file.

I'm also using a new layout. I'm trying to keep my panic level in check because I don't recognize where anything is. I'd like to hear about your experiences using Cloud and any of the new dynamic layouts. I'd love to hear what your experiences have been. 

Framed Exhibit

A Good Life
Mixed media on 140 lb paper 

Once a year the Surreyalists put on a fundraiser at the Arbutus Gallery and I contributed two paintings. 

This past year has been an exploration with acrylic paint and these paintings are an example of this journey. Acrylic is so different from oil or encaustic. In both these paintings I played with different techniques in both additive and subtractive methods as well as mixing different mediums. 

Step Out
Acrylic, collage on 140 lb paper

Friday, March 22, 2013

"Just Dance" exhibit

Just got word that I've been accepted for the Arts Council of Surrey "Just Dance" exhibit! I'm so excited. It's the second juried exhibit I've been accepted. I've changed my medium from oil to acrylic and have been experimenting on what I can do with it so getting this acceptance is very encouraging. 

I started this piece knowing I wanted to address another kind of dance. A dance that most people do not need to think about. I wanted to bring this inside phenomena out into the open so to speak. The human body is wonderful, so many systems working together to make us who we are. 

The neural dance is as necessary to life as the air we breathe. I wanted to represent this phenomena. I began by researching MRI images of brain activity both healthy and not so healthy.  In one set of slides blue represented healthy firings and red unhealthy. I used this as the basis of my painting and overlaid a silhouette of dancers. The red sits waiting to multiply and entangle the dancers synchronicity.

Artist Statement:

“The Hidden Dance Within”

Acrylic on Arches 140 lb Oil Paper 2013
Elizabeth Anderson
There is a dance that’s within us invisible to the naked eye. Special machines and dyes are needed to see this dance.  It is taken for granted. It never misses a beat. We laugh, love, learn, live our lives without appreciating that without this neural dance the smallest move to the grandest thought would not be possible. Indeed we may shy away from facing this delicate dance within until a life event brings it into focus and the dance stumbles.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sketchbook Project

I'm finally posting my first journal I made  for the Sketchbook Project in Brooklyn NY. It is currently on tour with 1000 journals. The project was more daunting then I expected and my stamina was lower than expected after surgery. I had less time to complete it then I thought so was rushing to make the deadline. It is very raw as a consequence. I have since bought another journal and look forward to a more leisurely stroll in creating new pages.

What seemed simple turned out to be more difficult. First I couldn't decide what theme to focus on. I finally decided on a collection of quotes. This was highly influenced by the number of quotations showing up on my Facebook. 

How difficult could it be to cut out letters from a magazine to create text. I discovered that the size and style I wanted wasn't easily found and took a lot more time than I thought. I switched to using a pen. I discovered the felt pen I had was thicker than what I wanted and I kept underestimating or overestimating how much space  needed to write all the text. So I stumbled along, envious of the journal artists who have there supplies and tools on hand to create easily what they wanted. Even with all the challenges I did enjoy the creating the pages. I felt very much like a child who was earnestly creating each page with colour and feeling.

Anyway I finally got around to putting the photos on my computer for upload. Here they are.