Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Open Studio Project Two: The Mulberry Tree

We are continuing on the theme of secret/hidden places. I'm still feeling melancholy in the sense of loss but if you use the stages of grief I am accepting it. There is a certain comfort in grieving. I am warmed by the memories of the past. It's partly due to visiting "The Wilderness Downtown" project. I visited two places of my childhood which brought a flood of childhood memories.

One was the summer I first tasted a tomato straight from the garden. I never like tomatoes, they always seemed tasteless to me. But these tomatoes were absolutely delicious. I couldn't believe my taste buds. I happily sat on the swing set with my friend eating tomatoes from the neighbour's garden.

My friend introduced me to another tasty treat. In her yard there was a tree I had never seen before. Its branches draped down to the ground. She said "Let's go inside the Mulberry Tree" Huh?! I followed her and sure enough there was a secret, hidden place inside the boughs of the tree. Inside there were many, many black berries, fat and juicy and so sweet. I often went here by myself, sitting inside being invisible, eating berries.

So the Mulberry Tree is my subject for the next project. I'm following Caio's example "Don't You Dare Do What's Been Done". I am making the series with acrylic which I've not used except a couple of small flower paintings over the summer on canvas and frosted mylar in an expressive style. You see how you all are influencing me? ; D I have finished two on canvas and two on mylar. I'm just beginning to loosen up with my brush strokes. I am feeling my way in this so I hope my more experienced friends will forgive my clumsiness.

Below are a few reference photos.


  1. oh my God... this tree is really beautiful.... here we call this kind of blckberries "amoras". i spent a good part of my childhood stealing this fron my neighbor's backyard.
    i do want to see the final work.
    all the best .

  2. A beautiful subject and so different!

  3. A true artist, surfing her way through a beautiful worldantwedn

  4. Lovely photos and an interesting blog, keep up the good work :-)

  5. Thank you Miles. I found these photos on the internet when I researched for my project. Sadly there are no mulberry trees where I live now so I thank all who shared their photos. I probably am remiss for not being able to credit those who made the images.