Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Elements of Art:Form, Content and Context

I came across this reference thought might interest some of you.  It was recommended by Dorothy Barenscott on her blog Avant-Guardian Musings. It's called ART HISTORY: A PRELIMINARY HANDBOOKby Dr. Robert J. Belton. It is online and free to use.
It looks like an excellent resource for persons like myself who are studying art history and in the process of defining my own art practice.
Thank you Dorothy for sharing this resource.


  1. I like the photos you've been posting on here. The grren light ones with the berrys are very pretty.

  2. Thanks Melanie, but I can't take credit for those particular photos. I researched on the internet to find photos for my art project.
    However the photos for First Open Studio project, a series of chairs in a natural setting and Open Studio Conceptual Collaboration are mine.
    Thanks for your kind comments.