Thursday, October 28, 2010

Intense Week!

This week is very intense. I have three projects on the go with one due today, one tomorrow and one next Tuesday. Thought I'd recap for myself and you while I catch my breath.

Today I am traveling to downtown Vancouver in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery where my Performance class will be presenting two pieces each. I am ready! This is the most nerve racking class but I think I will survive LOL. We are documenting the pieces so I'll post photos later. I should add that it's pouring rain and 8C.

The second project is my professional portfolio due tomorrow. Everything's complete except for burning the CD images. I'm applying for Graduate Studies at Goddard College in Vermont. It's a dress rehearsal for the actual application. I really was attracted to the program here until I found out foreign students pay over $7000 U.S. EACH SEMESTER!!!!!

The third is for Open Studio due Tuesday. I have layer # 5 on and have started to scrape areas to reveal the darker layers. I can't wait to take the hot air gun to it. I'll make a decision after the heat of whether to add more layers. I originally wanted 8 layers but ...

I also want to announce that a group of emerging artists at Kwantlen have started an artist collective. We are seeking places to exhibit our work and we've gotten positive response from various departments to hang on their walls. We are planning Pecha Kucha Night. It's a beginning!


  1. Elizabeth,

    Busy is good...and exciting! I look forward to future updates.

    Take good care,

  2. Okay I guess after reading your post I don't really need to find the balance. Wow! Are you ever busy, and with so many really important items! Good luck with all of it! I'll look forward to the upcoming posts. Re: looking for places to show your work. Have you contacted your local Community Arts Council for gallery availability and venues that they may coordinate? Also, cafes and libraries are a good possibility. There's a cafe in my neighbourhood that saves one entire wall just for the local art school, so you may be able to find something like that. Good luck with it.

  3. Phew. I'm obliged to be away from my blog for a few weeks and come back to find The Human Tornado!