Monday, October 25, 2010

Charcoal on paper

Last week I had 45 minutes until my husband was finished teaching. I was in the drawing studio and found some fat charcoal sticks in my bag. So I grabbed a mirror and large piece of brown paper and started to draw a self portrait. I haven't done it in a while. I quieted the little voices who did not want to draw or look at myself and started. It was a good exercise. The big hunk of charcoal made it difficult to do fine detail with a light touch. When I got home I addressed some of the problems and used white conte to add my grey hair. I need to do this more often.


  1. Hello, Elizabeth. This is really wonderful.

  2. Thanks William. It's really hard not only to draw my likeness but to look at myself as I am. I could probably add more wrinkles heehee

  3. Love the image. How did charcoal become sepia toned?

  4. I used brown craft paper so where there is no charcoal that colour shows through. It does give a sepia tone to it.

  5. That is a great image, Elizabeth!
    Following! I thought I was already following you...maybe you changed your blog or something like that.
    And thanks so muchfor your wonderful comments on my blog!

    Have a lovely day!

    B x

  6. Elizabeth,
    you did a very good job with your first experience of using charcoal.

  7. How beautiful. I love how artists draw and paint themselves at all stages of their lives showing their technical and inner growth with each passing decade. It is a bold and fine tradition and I hope you continue to visit yourself as subject matter. Your strokes are lively and varied and I love the white highlights!

  8. Good Work Elizabeth and interesting effect using brown paper it looks sepia to me.

  9. Self-portrait, a difficult task to any artist, to capture the inner self!