Friday, November 22, 2013

Anonymous Art Show Opening

 I wasn't able to make the opening but it looks like it was a great success!

Twitter: "We sold already over 50 paintings in the 1st hour! So to be here,360 artists and 738 !

photo from North Van Arts Council Tweet


  1. Wow, look at that turn-out! Whoever did the publicity for this exhibit did an outstanding job. It's so heartening to see how many people are interested. I used to go to openings all the time when I lived in NYC, but out here, not so much because I really hate the drive into L.A. It's a shame because metropolitan areas have so much to offer. Seeing this picture makes me so nostalgic for my art school days.

  2. It is quite a big annual event and there is always a lineup outside. I wanted to go but the 45 minute drive at night was a deterrent. I know, I'm showing my age ha ha. It's exciting none the less to be a part of the event. I will make it there in the daylight and take some photos. 125 sold the first night is impressive so it is a good fundraising event for the North Vancouver Arts Council. It runs until Dec 13th.

  3. awesome!
    looks like a great event! wow, sold over 50 paintings in the first hour? i'm so excited to hear that.

    i want to wish you a very happy and family filled thanksgiving, elizabeth!

    all the best,

    big hugs~