Thursday, July 1, 2010

Still playing with glazes

Still working through my paintings from previous semesters. These ones were a series from Spring 2010 in Narrative Painting. I prepared the canvases by collaging brown craft paper on the surface. I wanted the surface to have texture and the brown to affect the paint. I used photos as references from my trip to Girona Spain. I've been experimenting with glazes to give subtle changes to the values. I used a cadmium yellow glaze and burnt sienna on top. I'm waiting a few days to see if I want to add more layers. The photos are a bit skewed from the way I propped them against a chair.


  1. you know... here you are working with space and volums in a very poetic way...
    i like the search you have for textures .. it looks so genuine !

  2. Thanks Caio for your kind comments. Painting buildings are challenging for me so I make myself paint them. I loved the history contained in the old architecture in Paris, Barcelona and especially Girona, Spain