Friday, July 23, 2010

Tried Harry's technique

Well Harry you have even more of my respect than before. This was an extremely difficult technique to do. It may have been complicated by using a previously painted canvas. The charcoal wasn't grabbing the surface. I understand fully that a light touch is needed. It took me a bit trial and error to get the right brush. What seemed a soft enough brush turned out to be way too stiff.

It didn't help to have Admissions call me in the middle of painting wanting to talk about transfer credits. While I listened to the Admissions officer I did my best to keep painting before everything dried.

In spite of the difficulties it was a good exercise and I plan to do it again but with a fresh canvas, gesso with a sponge roller to give more tooth for the charcoal, choose my brushes before I start LOL.

I was in a rush to try it but sometimes it's a way to get started- show no fear.
Funny I can see where and how I lost depth around the neck. Hmm I wish I could recognize these things earlier. Anyway below are the results.

reference photo, charcoal over painted, oil over charcoal

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  1. These are realy great! what a very cool tequi.the glow of the blue is striking