Sunday, May 16, 2010

Working Alone

It's been 3 weeks since school semester finished. I'm feeling lonely and lost. So many things crowd forward that have nothing to do with painting. I keep thinking that if I get this done then I'll have the time to paint but I'm learning that this doesn't necessarily happen because something else looms in front of me demanding my attention. So is it fear/procrastination or is it too many demands.

My goal for the summer is to practice drawing to improve my eye-hand coordination enabling me to finish more quickly. As I write this I can see that this isn't specific enough. I have a book called Draw Like the Masters by Barrington Barber. It has eight chapters. I commit to doing one chapter a week.

I visited other bloggers and found a couple where a group challenge is posted every week or two. I don't think I could keep up but maybe as I improve through drawing I'll feel up to the challenge. I'd admire all of you who seem to do it so effortlessly. In the meantime I'll enjoy following all your journeys through your blogs and gain encouragement to continue.


  1. Thank you for looking at my blog and following, your art is so great, lucky you to be able to go to school for it!!

  2. Thank you Melanie! So often I look at what is missing instead of what is there. I do a lot of experimenting which is sometimes scary because I don't know if I'll solve the problems by the time of critique.
    I like your documentation of the Plein Air piece. It makes visible your decisions of what is omitted and what is left in the painting. I struggle about what to leave out or add. Sometimes when I finish I ask myself why I didn't frame it another way or comment "why did I leave that in?"
    I will follow your report on the classes as I'll be practice drawing alone at home. My goal is to be faster at getting the outline of a painting done more quickly. At the moment I spend a lot of time correcting the drawing which is laborious to say the least.