Thursday, June 3, 2010

On Becoming

Here is the video I did for Open Studio course. It was originally exhibited from two sources on two monitors that were set on plinths turned toward each other. The voice-over plays from one source then the other as though it were a disjunctive thought conversation between the two monitors. The visuals were the same on each monitor synchronized together.

The poem is from the film, Wings of Desire which is a story about two angels who were on earth to listen and bear witness to human thoughts.

I shot it on a Sony digital camcorder. The outside shots were from a stationary camera in my yard. The clouds were moving swiftly across the sky that day.

My eyes were shot inside lit by a small light from the left. I wanted it to be grainy. The voice-over represents internal thought process. It was my first disjunctive video narrative.


  1. very refreashing post. The drawing of your hubby below, is wonderful. I do not draw portrait.I'm not that brave yet.

  2. lovely video. and as Melanie said... refreshing