Sunday, August 1, 2010

Missed comments

I am still learning how to use the blog process. I just discovered new comments on older posts which asked for a reply. So I am in the process of reviewing my older posts. And I just discovered that moderating comments on older posts can alert me of them so I don't miss anyone.

I find your comments very valuable because it asks that I shift my self perspective on my art making. It's always good to have outside eyes while at the same time remembering I don't always have to agree (this has been very true during our student critiques where some believe that everyone should paint as they do, so if you don't it's automatically wrong, hahaha. Gotta love those student critiques sometimes. It can get pretty intense). I should mention as well that our class critiques can also very useful. There are surprises when a painting is read completely different from your intention.

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