Monday, July 18, 2011

Greetings from Canada's wet west coast

Well I've been away too long. I have a minor medical set back, more uncomfortable than serious. I will need surgery but recovery time will be quick, however the wait to see the surgeon might be a while.

I've been popping into your blogs and enjoying every minute ... feeling a bit like a vampire though sweeping in gathering nourishment and flying back into the night. You're all pretty inspirational. I sometimes feel like the little sister who aspires to be as accomplished as her older sibling.

I am regrouping and getting ready to paint again. There are several projects waiting for my attention, one already on the easel.  I probably won't be taking a full course load in the fall so I hope to have a more permanent studio space at home other than my kitchen. I'm eyeing the laundry room or garage. Thank you to those who shared their studios on their blog. It helps me to visualize what's possible for my home studio.

Stay tuned.

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