Sunday, October 13, 2013

Learning How to Use Social Media

I started blogging as a student who wanted to reach past the halls of learning (for me it was Kwantlen University Polytechnic). I needed to know beyond my small personal circle about art making and I found wonderful people who are generous in giving me feedback and encouragement and sharing their experiences through their art, writing and life. 

Having graduated I still need that greater circle but I also want to develop my art practice including looking for opportunities to share my art through exhibits and hopefully sell my art. So to that end I've been researching social media. I came across this resource about Best Times to Post on Social Media  from via Lori McNee at her site Fine Art Tips

Hope this is useful to some of you trying to make sense of how to use social media. 

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social media infographic when are the best times to post


  1. This opens up a huge topic. It seems that as the web has provided huge audiences for artists, it has not translated into income. It is becoming increasing difficult, if not impossible, for artists to make a living from their art alone. Of course, it can be argued that this can be related to a bad economy just as much as free consumption via the web.

    1. Yes even though there are many online venues many do not turn into dollars for the artist. It seems that face to face combined with an artist web site is the most effective although still difficult to "earn a living".

      I posted an article today how a wholesale company allegedly is ripping off online artists and selling their design products to large department stores. These artists can't afford a lawsuit so are fighting back through social media and have managed to have the articles pulled from shelves of some chains. These artists wouldn't have any recourse if not for social media presence. It's a double edge sword.