Thursday, December 19, 2013

How art and creativity can transform

This is the season for celebrating life. It doesn't matter what faith or belief a person holds, there are elements of appreciation for the gift of family, community and life. The line goes forward and backward in cultural and personal history. It's a time when I am thankful but also remember my losses of those who aren't here.

This video was posted to my Facebook page and it touched my heart and soul. Zach Sobiech used his creative forces to generously share his journey with family, friends and strangers. He helped me understand my personal grief and transform it. 

The first video is about Zach and the second is how his friends and family paid tribute to him.

Wishing you all the very best 

this season and beyond!


  1. happy Hollidays, Elizabeth. Big hug.

  2. Caio thank you for stopping by and for your kind wishes. I'm trying to get more regular on the blog maybe in the new year I can achieve this goal.

    I do stop in from time to time at Mein Welt. I can't see how to make a comment though.

    I like the cutout canvas pieces you have posted. The theme of bloodline is very interesting. The various shapes which contain the images becomes signs representing your exploration into yourself and where you fit in the scheme of things. It sounds like you are in a transition. It's how it appears to me at this moment. Perhaps tomorrow there will be a shift.

    Take care my friend, Hugs

  3. I'm just watching the Zach video and am so humbled and grateful. And I wonder, Why? But, I don't think Zach would dwell on that. What a beautiful and angelic person. Thank you for posting that.

    Thank you for your visits and comments Elizabeth. Please have a wonderful, peaceful, and healthy New Year!