Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Journal and Mail Art

I am always looking for ways to encourage me to make art every day. It sounds easier than it is, as least for me. I'm fine if I have a big project. I can get lost for hours everyday working on it and can be quite obsessive about it. However in between these projects I tend to stay in research mode and in my head. I plan to sketch and do begin but get distracted easily. To address this shortcoming I joined two Facebook groups Daisy Yellow and Mail Art Groupies both are very supportive and encourage activity.

I like them both because they encourage me to experiment on a small scale which gives a more immediate satisfaction. I may or may not use the ideas in a larger painting but that doesn't matter because the main purpose is to keep my momentum going in making art daily in between the big projects. Below are some example activities.

Gustav Klimt inspired Christmas decorations, felt pen in art journal

oil pastels resists with black ink on index card

Doodle shapes drawn in pencil, traced with black felt pen and coloured with felt pens in art journal

"Solitude", paper collage on Arches oil paper using paper napkins and matte medium
paper collage using photocopy of photo, paper napkins, matte medium on Arches oil paper


  1. These are outstanding. I especially love the emotion of the mother and child in the last. The child looks so at peace, napping, in the mother's protective love. Really beautiful.

    1. Hey Stickup thanks for dropping by. This work is so different from doing large paintings, It's more free in some ways because of the smaller scale. I'm enjoying exploring collage and mixed media. The one you like is an old photo of me and my Mom. I think I'm around 4 or 5. The photocopy made the photo even more faded. I actually remember that day. The napkin is part of a painting by Van Gogh. I added colour to the b&w photo to bring the figures more into focus against the background.