Monday, April 11, 2011

Rodney Thompson- encaustic painter

Was at a Oil and Wax forum I belong to and discovered a source for panels as well as an artist, Rodney Thompson.

Since the Stretch of Road Exhibit where someone expressed interest in buying my paintings I was suddenly moved out of the student reality of scraping up something to paint on to an artist reality of paying attention to details from start to finish. Hence I am looking at the condition of the supports I use for my paintings. Some of you may wonder why I haven't done this already. Well no money and needing something to paint on had me using whatever I could find and my carpentry skills are sadly lacking.

I don't think I can invest in using Thompson as a supplier yet but I might be able to have a local carpenter's apprentice to help me make panels that won't embarrass me if someone is interested in purchasing my work.

Thompson's paintings are also definitely worth a look. :)

NB: Link to Thompson's wbe site is updated.

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