Friday, January 13, 2012


I installed two of my pieces from Open Studio & Thesis, my last course for my degree. I'm excited because it is the Arbutus Gallery which has a lot of traffic because it's in the library foyer. One is a video installation piece and the other is a collection of eleven light boxes, made of sheet metal with images that are printed on tracing paper and coated with cold wax. I can hardly wait to see how it will look in its new location.

I was able to take a few shots at the new location

Title of Projection: Fragments of Light
Materials: sheet metal light boxes, digital images printed on tracing paper coated with wax.

Video Projection: Near Journey's End
I'll get a better shot next time I go in.


  1. this is all good news.... good luck with it all.

  2. How exciting!! I'm sure it will be a triumph. Looking forward to some pics.

  3. I really like this... really really like this....
    I wish could see it closer.


  4. Wow!!! So good to see the pics. Looks absolutely fabulous.

    What a wonderful location for the metal light boxes. They are so 3D on the wall.

    I'm sure people will be most excited about the work. Congats, Elizabeth.

  5. Thanks Harry. It did go over well and it was a real opportunity to work with metal before I graduate. I'd love to do a whole wall from floor to ceiling and more crisscross of wires with a few tangled.

  6. Thanks Caio. It was inspired by the notion that memory/life are so fragile and intangible yet we keep trying to preserve them. Losing one's memory of life is disastrous as in dementia and is one big fear of growing old, that and death.

  7. Elisabeth you a great artist, it's a pleasure comming here

  8. Hi Elizabeth!
    Congratulations on this good piece of art.
    You really worked very hard, I can tell!!

    Kisses from me
    and I am very enthusiast!!!