Sunday, August 26, 2012

Exploring myself while discovering Richter

My exploration of what it is my art consists I have been continuously attracted to representation through metaphor and symbol, the relationship between painted images and the photograph and how each medium can lead the process of constructing a piece of art.

As I learn more about Gerard Richter I find myself exploring and learning more about myself. I am influenced by a life lived over sixty years. I don't want to be literal but instead want to be more ambiguous yet specific. I guess I'll learn more about what I mean as I continue to explore these ideas.

I wasn't able to see the documentary I mentioned in an earlier post so I have been searching youtube for others that give a glimpse of Richter and his art. I just finished watching the one below and want to share it with you. I realize Richter isn't for everyone but such is life.


  1. Hi Elizabeth! This post brings up something interesting to me:

    That painting and photography have an almost symbiotic relationship. And this relationship feeds both disciplines in so many interesting ways. Some paintings want to be photographs — more immediate, spontaneous, and intuitive. Some photographs want to be paintings — more personalized, less obvious, softer, and not so fussy about every tiny little detail.

    Richter (to me) seems to embody and embrace these ideas on both fronts.

    I liked the interview and was insanely jealous of that studio (though have no need for such a space). It especially resonated when the interviewer asked Richter when does he know a painting is done and he answered, “When nothing disturbs me about it...”

    Congratulations on acceptance to the juried show! Illustrating a perfect marriage of photography and painting!

    1. Thank you! I'm excited about the show. It's up from mid August to mid November, a good long run. I've been absent form the blogging world and it feels good to reconnect.

      It was a happy discovery to find Richter. It gave me a fresh perspective on my emerging practice. I am interested in the dichotomy between painting and photographs particularly the altered digital image. The piece "Slippage" was a direct response to a colleague's arrogant attitude of disdain for anything but painting. However my continued interest in the two mediums is the recognition as you say "symbiotic relationship" between the two. Richter seems to easily embrace both.

      Another facet of Richter that appeals to me is his treatment of memory. I am looking for ways to represent memory in my work and Richter has stimulated more thought on the various relationships among mediums, memory and living.

      Thank you for dropping by. You have given me more to think about and hopefully to act on.

      Hope you are well. Your photographs are always inspiring to me on many levels.