Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mirror Mirror Opening Reception

This Saturday, September 15th Reception and Artist Talk 6:30: artist talk 7:30-9:30 Reception.

It's exciting to be along side the artists in Scenes of Selves, Occasions for Ruses . I'm really looking forward to the artist talk.

Scenes of Selves, Occasion for Ruses
Dissolving the limits of the self and others through new forms of portraiture

In an era of status updates, photo sharing websites, and profile pictures, one's image and therefore one's identity presented to the world is more important, changeable and multi-dimensional than ever before. Scenes of Selves, Occasion for Ruses features artworks from 10 artists in a wide variety of media including drawing, painting, photography and video that explore the nature of self-identity at the beginning of the 21st century. (Surrey Art Gallery promo

Slippage,  2011.


I recently entered Slippage, a piece I painted last year into the Mirror, Mirror show put on by the Art Council of Surrey. This is my first venture into juried exhibitions. I thought it important that I take the risk to face my fear of rejection. I faced my fear but instead of rejection it was one of success. There were 60 submissions and 30 were accepted and I was one of them. The show runs from August 18th to November 18th. It is in conjunction with the Surrey Art Gallery exhibit, Selves, Occasions for Ruses. I am very excited to be showing a painting I did outside of school. I really feel like I've graduated.


  1. This self portrait is beautiful..
    You are really on a good path!!

  2. Thank you Monika. I am really wanting to explore combining the photographic image and painting. It appeals because the two techniques seem to be at opposite sides of the spectrum.

    I recently discovered Gerhard Richter and at first glance feel a connection with his work. I think I can learn from him.

    Hugs to you!