Saturday, January 19, 2013

Moving On to Next Project

Well doing an art journal was quite an experience but it is on its way to Brooklyn NY. My disordered life left me scrambling to get it finished in time. As I was doing it I realized I didn't have the proper tools or other supplies so I had to improvise which made things a lot more raw and messy than I wanted. I took photos and will post them soon. They are still in my camera.

Our Collective is having a show opening February 3 and we were told the theme and title 3 days ago. YIKES. Crazy isn't it. 
"total eclipse of the semiotics of love"

description of the show: 

a visual exploration on one of the most significant and unique of human emotions: love. This show focuses on the abstract nature and cultural representation of love including its subjectivity, its commercialization, loss and its perpetuation as an ultimate value.
Anyway I woke up this morning and for some reason I thought of my new acrylic reds from Golden. Immediately images started to play through my mind and by the time I got up I had a  simple plan. I am excited to get started and need to go buy new paper. I hope what is in my mind actually shows up in the painting. If it's successful I think following up with a few more variations would be great series. Just in time for the month of love.

Hope all of you are looking toward a bright new year!

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