Sunday, November 16, 2014

Artistic Alternative

I have been following Robert Genn's letters at his blog Painter's Keys for at least two years. He has been a mentoring voice gently shifting my point of view as another possibility. I think this article "Artistic Alternative" goes well with the previous post because it emphasizes the wide range of artistic expression rather than this is what's good and this is what's bad. The point of involving people in a discussion isn't to persuade but instead get to know each other. By doing that I would hope the person who is likely to buy your art will be revealed.

Dancing Lights

I can imagine talking about my art in the terms described in Genn's letter. "It's a matter of giving power to the mind's artist and allowing him or her to imagine some of the ways a given job might be done. The variations are really quite limitless: Bright primer, mixed media, blind palette, glaze gradations, big dumb brush, scumble, scrape out, roll on, chain saw." Framing the discussion about art in this way and combine it with the question "how does it affect you, the viewer?" might make for an interesting and revealing conversation. It's not that everyone has to like everything but maybe appreciate the "making".

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  1. Hello, Elizabeth
    Thanks for your reaction..
    I dont feel good or bad things in any kind of creativity!
    But it give's me a good raison to go on with my personal creativity!