Saturday, November 15, 2014

Market Research for Artists - How to Sell More Art

I have exhibited in both juried and non-juried shows and received positive feedback about my work but I haven't sold yet. I realize that people buy for different reasons and tastes range.  I wonder who would be interested in buying my art. 

This article "Market Research for Artists - How to Sell More Art" describes how one may go about finding out. It encourages the artist to have an event in a non-art environment to find out how one's art is perceived by the ordinary person who hasn't taken art history or is a collector of fine art. It sounds like an interesting prospect. The goal is not to sell art (although no buyer would be turned away) but to be able to talk about your art in an accessible way and understand how your art is perceived.

I am curious if anyone has done an event to invite comments and feedback from people outside the "art world".

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