Thursday, November 4, 2010

Night was re-visited

I know I said I was finished but ... wasn't totally happy with the halo I created so the Night was re-visted. haha

I scraped layers away in areas and applied more wax/oil and just finished burning again. I think it's more to what I intended the previous time. I was careful with the heat because I didn't want to disturb the patterns I created with the scraping and paint application. I was able to take advantage of the texture - the paint went into the indentations leaving the top alone. I really want to continue this exploration into the encaustic process.

Just looked at the image and the photo doesn't do justice to the delicate layering. I'll see if I can get a better camera with a decent lens.

Still thee thy thundering heart. We are not alone.


  1. good work Elisabeth, I like it, I like the colours and texture

  2. I like this very much, the cosmic scope and think you've made excellent improvements. It looks richer, more subtle and textured than before. More balanced. I was just watching NOVA on about black holes and how they are formed by explosions of super novas and this is a fabulous companion to that experience!

  3. Thank you Laura. The encaustic process does give beautiful texture while at the same time feeling velvety smooth.

  4. Thank you Stickup. The whole experience has been pushing over the edge and pulling it back. It was a very visceral experience laying it on with the knife, scraping to underneath layers and pushing colour around with heat. I was glad we were given more time to make adjustments. I usually have to wait until after the semester is over to revisit work.

    I really enjoy your photographs. They inspire the painter in me even though I don't think I could recreate what you do with the lens.

  5. This encaustic process is fascinating and beautiful. I admire this finished product very much.