Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Harry Kent told me about the Saatchi online  resource for online display of your art. I registered but didn't have any decent images to display my art. I have since made a portfolio and took some images with a high quality camera thanks to my Professional Practices course. You can view them here You'll also find my artist statement I crafted for my portfolio.

It was an enlightening experience (making a portfolio). I was able to see threads in my work from my very first self portrait and landscape. Neither are on the Saatchi site but are somewhere on my blog.

Saatchi has a contest called Showdown where you submit one of your pieces and the one who gets the most votes wins the $1000 or $500 prize plus the works will go on display at the Saatchi London Gallery. So the person who can rally the votes has the advantage. haha


  1. hey friend!
    Thank you for the link I cant wait to check it out.

  2. Great. I'll look out for you. See you on Saatchi.