Sunday, November 21, 2010

Still Traumatized by Admissions

So I wrote my umpteenth email to Admissions asking when my English credits will be processed. Again it is registration time and again I am not able to register without permission due to the absent English credits. I was promised in the first week of September that it would be done that day. It's November and not on my transcripts.

It's not that it registration a hassle. Instead of using the online registration I need to go to each professor, have them sign off then go in person to register. It also distorts my level which then prevents me from applying for scholarships that correspond to my year. I missed this academic scholarship application (application only can be done in September). I've been looking for work to supplement my income but being over 60 this isn't as easy as it once was.

I know my problems are small compared to others in the world but that doesn't make it easier to accept as it's happening.

That's my whine for the day.


  1. That's really rotten, Elizabeth. So many students struggle with finances, opportunity, self-confidence, motivation and disabilities to attend universities and colleges but so often these institutions lay one impediment after another in the way.

    Often hungry for bums on seats, they nevertheless have little sense of being a service industry and too frequently have imbedded cultures of muddling administrative inefficiency.

    It's a kind of amateurism on steroids to become this muscle-bound monolith, filled with intellectuals but collectively functioning like aunt Biddie with Alzheimer’s. It's the same the world over.

    Not that that gives you much consolation. Just when you were deriving so much joy and energy from your work they knock the wind out of your sails. Rotten indeed.

    Hope it all comes together again for you soon, Elizabeth.

  2. Thanks Harry. I've just about given up my goal for a Masters. The clock is ticking and the bank account is empty.

  3. Don't give up Elizabeth! I can't even imagine how frustrated you are, but keep at it. Don't let a beauracratic mess prevent you from achieving your dreams. I know that finances can really make things difficult, but there must be a way to get what you need. Have you been to the Dean's office? Someone has to hear you and make it work. Good luck and I'm sending you my good karma.

    PS Thanks for your kind thoughts about my weather dilemna. It all worked out and the snow arrived today.

  4. Thanks for you good karma Claire! I don't intend to give up my journey I just think I may look for alternative routes.

  5. So glad to see that you won't be deterred from your goal. I think you're doing a courageous thing for your love of art. Keep us posted on your journey! And thanks for all your warm wishes!