Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall, Season for change

I think of fall as a time for new beginnings. It marks the returning to "the work". It may be due to body memories of returning to school after meandering through summer. It's a time to engage and reconnect in the concrete goals of learning or responsibilities of the work world after summer vacation. That is not to say that summer is not productive or the absence of these activities. Summer for me is a time that gives permission to be more carefree. This attitude can be rejuvenating or it can be a slippery slope.

I've been absent from the blog world for too long. The discipline it takes to share my thoughts on a regular basis sometimes feels over-demanding. Yes it's about time but it's more about self reflection and coming to terms with where I am as an artist and as a person and then sharing what I've learned. 

This past year has been exciting and scary. I no longer had school assignments that put me in the creative process. Instead I'm facing alone the responsibility for defining my voice. I find myself envying artists who know who they are. They can be identified through their work. And collectors want to own their work. I keep working because there is no other way but to do it.

So I have not been idle during the summer. I've been showing my work through the local Langley Arts Council in their Art in Found Spaces program. I exhibited in Surrey Art Council juried show "Dance" at the Newton gallery. I have four works in progress each with their own unique problems to be solved. I'll post images soon.

The catalyst for this post was an article posted by Lori Mcnee called "Ten Tips to Find Your Own Artistic Voice". All ten points resonate with me especially the first one which taps into my doubts if I am good enough. 

Hope you all had a wonderful summer. I appreciate your comments and reading your posts. The connections are as real as my neighbourhood no matter that it is in virtual reality. Thanks for being out there.

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