Monday, September 23, 2013

What I'm Working On

These three paintings are nearly finished. It brings to mind the question "How can you tell a painting is done?" For me sometimes it's easy other times it seems to be done but when left for a while then looked at again it's clearer if my intentions are actually seen the way I want them to be seen. I'd be interested in hearing about your experience deciding a painting is finished.

The first , "Immersed" is mixed media predominantly encaustic and collage on wood panel. I've included a detail image as well. I still want to build up the texture on the bottom of the painting. The source image is a winter reflection of trees on water. The title reflects my process while working with wax. I'm totally immersed in the process, hours can go by without my noticing. inspired by Stickup Artist photo Visit her site and see fantastic photography!

The second "Branded" is encaustic on wood panel. The source was my imagination with the goal to have horizontal layers creating distances. I wanted to make a comment about humans relationship with nature. I decided to place simple geometric shapes on the horizon to represent manmade invasive constructions on the environment. I burned the shapes rather than painting them after same fashion ranchers brand livestock to indicate ownership.

The third piece, "Running" is acrylic on canvas. The source is a photo of water running over various metal pieces at a deteriorated building site. I was attracted to the movement and colours in the image. Painting in acrylic is very different from oil or encaustic. The paint dries quickly and I'm still learning about  how and what I can do with it.  Still have a ways to go before this one is finished. source: American Ruins This facebook page is devoted to deteriorating landscape mostly located in the USA

"Immersed", mixed media on wood panel, 4' x 3'

"Immersed" detail

"Branded", encaustic on wood panel, 20" x 24" 

"Running" acrylic on canvas, 4' x 3'


  1. Hello Elizabeth, I was totally immersed in your paintings... the movement, depth, build up of color and texture; the depiction of reflections of the first 2 easily recognizable, at least to me. The second 2 reminding me to reflect that in art, as in nature, all is process. Then, started reading the text, so jazzed to receive a shout out! Thank you so much for the kindness.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I've been away too long and have lost touch with everyone. I've regrouped and looking to be on more regularly.
      Your work always inspires me to look differently at the world. I hope I did justice to your way of seeing.