Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Mozart's Requiem

Thought I'd share another movement of Mozart's Requiem used in the dance performance by choreographer Gary Masters.

The music is so beautiful. Being a part of this dance performance was an awesome experience. This first segment was a quiet introduction of loss while the following sections had a mix of emotions. I love the softness in the opening. The music soothes and comforts before it intensifies. It was easy to imagine carrying a candle to represent someone I had lost. There also was a gentle comfort at times, a ritual in the movement.

I'd like to bring that range of emotion into a piece. I'm thinking it needs many layers by using multimedia. A challenge I know. It may not work the first time but I can refine it in another piece.


  1. Mozart has been a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing this link and stoping by One Photograph a Day. I am glad you enjoy the images.

  2. All the beautiful music Mozart had
    written. It needs a lifetime to study and to listen...