Saturday, September 18, 2010

Open Studio Conceptual Collaboration

Tuesday is installation and critique day. Hmm that gives 3 days to test the encaustic bath idea and have the images ready to place.

The topic is memory - vivid memories, faded memories, discarded and forgotten ones.
Materials: Collage, acrylic paint and encaustic images placed among the branches hanging from the ceiling. Branches form a path and supports for images. Light cast shadows on the walls.

Hopefully it will work. I'll take photos of the finished construction.


  1. Memory is a fascinating and complex topic to explore. Ask Proust!

    There is always the question of objective vs. subjective and if one can exist purely without the other.

    Am looking forward to your finished piece.

  2. what is an encaustic bath? i've never heard of encaustics in terms of this! very curious.

  3. The technique in painting is mixing hot wax with pigment then when it dries you burn it into the support with heat.

    The technique I planned to use was to bathe digital images in hot wax bath but instead I brushed cold wax on the digital image (buy it ready to use) then I placed the image between two pieces of non-stick parchment paper (buy in the baking section of grocery store), then pressed it with a hot iron (350 F). The heat bonds the wax to the paper similar to using a hot gun with a painting.

    I used tracing paper for some of the images and the result was a translucent image with the intention of conveying the fragility of memory how it may come up but not quite make it to full consciousness.

    I got this idea from

  4. ive done encaustics in painting, never heard of the bath idea. thanks!

  5. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your comment I find your blog very intesting and it is also very informative, I've never heard of encaustic painting/ art before! I'm looking forward to more pictures of your encaustic results.

  6. Thanks for your comment Elizabeth I am looking forward to more encaustic works something I've never heard about it sounds very interesting!!