Sunday, September 26, 2010

More on The Wilderness Downtown

This piece is interactive. Before it begins you put in the place where you grew up, then Google puts live video from there into the video. At one point you are asked to send a postcard to your young self. When the video is finished you can send it to share with others in the project. I think you can be anywhere in the world that Google has satellite to participate. Let me know what you think of the experience.
It is designed to be used with Chrome browser that can be downloaded from Google. However you can try it with your usual browser and see if it works.

The Wilderness Downtown


  1. Oh I tried, but in Africa things go much much slower and it was taking forever to download! Will try some other time. Looks jolly interesting!

  2. Aw too bad, Liz. Did you try it with Chrome. It's Google's free browser so may be faster connection. I think the wait is for connecting to Google satellite maps to get photos of your place.
    I hope you can get it to work.

  3. hey liz, what i kool idea. I'll have to try it. Hope your painting happy!