Thursday, September 16, 2010

Visual Culture Blog

My Art History professor has just put up a blog called Avant-Guardian Musings,

  "Avant-Guardian Musings is a curated space of ideas and information, resources, reviews and readings for undergraduate and graduate students studying modern and contemporary art history and visual art theory, film and photography studies, and the expanding field of visual culture. For students currently enrolled in my courses, this blog also serves as a place of reflection and an extension of the ideas raised in lecture and seminar discussions"

Drop by her blog there is everything from film to performance art to photography to paintings, you get the picture. There are also links to various art publications like NYT, Artforum, Canadian Art. It has a wealth of information of the visual arts.


  1. thank you for this link, it saunds good, I will check it out

    thank you

  2. i just found this as well. she's such an intelligent woman. i love her blog.

  3. Like Laura, I am going to check for
    this information my dear!!
    Just coming back from a long day
    and listening to music!